At Vacation Homes Abroad we are passionate about the life affirming benefits of travel that brings you intimate contact with a country and its people. We have seen the great pleasure travelers experience when they choose to immerse themselves in a country and enjoy cultural differences and similarities in day to day living.

I found this to be true for my own family. While living in India in 1992, I asked my husband’s English family to send a selection of European catalogs so I could arrange my family’s summer trip to Ireland, Wales, France, Spain and Portugal. Our English relatives had been renting cottages and villas for a number of years and were great advocates of what they called “a superior way to go!” From the catalogs, I selected cottages and apartments in some of Europe’s most desirable areas and found the whole experiece to be enormously enjoyable. My family had just spent a year traveling on overnight buses and trains throughout India and they were ready for some pampering. We all loved the extra space and comfort, the privacy, and the opportunity for good chats with local people. My husband and I also appreciated the cost savings factor; we paid less than for comparable hotel rooms, and in Ireland we even had enough room to invite and pamper an elderly uncle for a week!

Upon returning to the US in 1993, several of my friends asked “How did you arrange such a fabulous trip?” Thus was formed the idea for a new business! My partner Barbara Schermack and I started by representing a few select European companies and over the years, we developed our own portfolio of apartments, cottages and villas.

Today, Vacation Homes Abroad, Inc. (www.vacationhomesabroad.com) represents rental apartments for business and vacation travelers in the most desirable European destinations, city apartments and townhouses in Paris, London, Dublin and Rome and countryside villas, manor houses and cottages in France, Italy, England, and Ireland. During frequent trips, new properties are inspected and added to the portfolio and my local colleagues and I work constantly to make sure all of Vacation Homes Abroad’s clients are receiving the same wonderful trips and experiences that we continue to enjoy. This year, we added culture and walking tours. Thank you for 15 exciting years!

Elaine Carroll

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